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DocuWare - 4/26/2005

DocuWare Grows Revenues in 2004

DocuWare, the DMS specialist, continued its impressive results of the past years again in 2004. This included in
particular the positive development of its US subsidiary, which reported a 19 percent increase in revenues in the
American market. 

Despite slow economic growth in the overall economy, DocuWare was again able to significantly increase its
revenues in 2004. This was particularly true for the company’s strategic markets: Germany, U.S., and Great Britain.
In the German market, revenues grew by 7% to 3.6 million Euros (previous year: 3.3 million Euros). Great Britain
witnessed an increase of 34%. And in the U.S. (which includes the Latin American market), revenues of US
$3.6 million were generated, which represented a 19% increase over 2003. Besides optimized sales processes
and intensified marketing activities, new DocuWare partners (ADP) in previously underdeveloped regions were
an important part of the success in the U.S.

35 Million Euro in Project Revenues 
Together with their ADPs, the DMS specialist generated approximately 35 million Euros in project-based
revenues. Some of the more recognizable names added to the company’s client list in 2004 included the Bahamas
Court of Appeal (BAH), Bosch Security Systems (GER), Boston University (USA), Center Parcs (GER), Krispy
Kreme (USA), Nissan Motor (SPAIN), US Military Academy West Point (USA), Volvo Financial Services (SPAIN),
Unilever (USA), Suzuki Motor (SPAIN), DB Magnetbahn (GER), American Red Cross (USA), Jordan University
Hospital (JOR), IBM (GBR) and Trans-O-Flex (GER).

More Benefits, Fewer Costs
To make business processes faster, more secure and improved in quality while significantly reducing costs -- if
these benefits can be delivered, then there’s nothing standing in the way of implementing a DM system. An
efficient sales approach supports a network of authorized DocuWare partners (ADPs) worldwide to excite
potential customers about the financial and organizational benefits of a DMS system. DocuWare products are
designed so that they can be easily installed, configured and serviced -- the cornerstones for a speedier ROI.

Extremely Secure
Within the framework of Integrated Document Management, DocuWare will continue to cover all possible
aspects of document management, including Workflow Management. Requirements demanded by worldwide
directives -- such as those outlined in Basel II or Sarbanes-Oxley -- are fulfilled. To meet the security demands of
users, the DMS specialist is expanding its document management solutions in 2005 to incorporate all the benefits
provided with electronic signatures. Although DocuWare systems include highly refined technologies and broad
functionality, they remain quick to implement and successfully deploy in companies worldwide.

DocuWare - 2/4/2004

New version: DocuWare 4.6 Accelerate Your Workflow

Newburgh, NY February 4, 2004 - Announcing the newest version of DocuWare - with its many new features 
and numerous detail refinements; it moves DocuWare to a new level - version 4.6!  New features and 
enhancements such as a form stamp to optimize workflow processes, while control functions supervise book 
entries as well as filing of records totally automatically. The new version also supports the tablet PC - another 
operational area of this integrated document management system.

Today, integrated document management systems (IDM) provide competitive edges, such as increased 
productivity and a faster Time-to-Market, by offering more workflow functionalities to control processes within 
an enterprise. Integrated document management enables an enterprise to manage documents automatically, 
from all applications and processes, within a company and makes them available in a central document pool.

Document workflow made simple
At the end of 2002, DocuWare added CONTENT-FOLDER and extended the standard DocuWare solution 
with a workflow function. This add-on module improves access and distribution of information that is needed 
for daily work processes (see press release as of March 25, 2003). The new DocuWare release 4.6 together 
with DocuWare CONTENT-FOLDER allows workflow optimization. For example, the stamp function in 
DocuWare can now be extended by more than five form fields.  Users can individually endorse the text of this 
form stamp, e.g. with cost center codes. What is so special about this feature is that setting a stamp 
automatically triggers follow-up steps and so manages the workflow.  Retracing who did what and when with 
the filed original document is possible at any time.  In contrast to pure workflow solutions, handling is simple 
as users can operate the system intuitively.

Book entry and filing guaranteed
New control functions eliminate errors in accounting and filing which enhances process security. The IDM 
solution checks whether all records are booked in the ERP system while being filed at the same time. The 
operation runs totally automatically via DocuWare ACTIVE IMPORT 3.

Signatures without a doubt
Meta Group research indicates that dropping notebook prices and the rapid development of wireless networks 
will result in only 45 percent of all corporate users primarily using desktop PCs by 2006.  They expect that over 
40 percent of users will prefer working with a notebook or a tablet PC.

DocuWare 4.6 supports the tablet PC.  Not only can annotations be made at any place, but documents can 
also be signed manually.  The process is as follows: setting the stamp for manual signature activates the tablet 
PC stylus, the user signs the spot that has been clicked on the document. Afterwards the stamp frame and 
further information such as the date can be added automatically. The signature guides the workflow by triggering 
follow-up steps, for example: documents to be automatically filed, transactions to create an invoice or delivery 

Additionally, DocuWare 4.6 stores biometric information such as pressing intensity or writing speed together 
with the stamp. If at any point in time, a signature' authenticity is needed, these can be substantiated through 
an analysis of biometric data.

DocuWare - 12/29/2003

DocuWare Announces the Certification of the Canon DR-9080C Color Scanner

NEWBURGH, NY - December 29, 2003 - DocuWare has completed certification testing of the Canon DR- 
9080C desktop color scanner. Rated at 90 pages per minute for black-and-white or grayscale scanning and 
50 pages per minute for color jobs, the Canon DR-9080C can handle large decentralized scanning jobs.

"Implementing a scanner that has been certified by DocuWare assures our users that increased scanning 
functionality from within the DocuWare environment is available," said Greg Schloemer, President of DocuWare 

Scanning can be performed within the DocuWare user interface utilizing the Canon DR-9080C's Twain driver 
for basic scanning functions. When scanning with the optional scanning functionality module, DocuWare ISIS 
PRO, the feature rich functionality of the scanner can be incorporated in to the most demanding scanning 

A new version of DocuWare ISIS PRO, version 1.6, will be released in January 2004.  Enhanced functions 
will include the ability to imprint information on the scanned image, a basket locking feature, and improved paper 
jam handling.

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